Year: Spring 2022
Course: Housing Tech Core Studio
Instructor: Garrett Ricciardi
Team: NA

Co-Housing/Row-Housing analyzes the common condition of through lots in Los Angeles, reinstantiating the condition of through-lots as community corridors. The project is grounded in a deployment of a series of small-scale units that array on the site in a simple condition with focus placed on high degrees of sectional variety and dispersed program to serve as catalyst for fostering community.

Beginning with a typical cross-block townhouse configuration, this project creates subtle breaks between units to extend the limited private interior space while sectional variation promotes differing modes of engagement with the site. This combines with the insertion of community kitchens, a gym and daycare, and a small market to extend the private residence into a co-housing, semi-private but accessible and open community arrangement. Circulation is deliberately deployed as a tool for creating relationships with moments of speeding up, slowing down, and turning corners all while bringing adjacencies between those moving through the landscape and those inside their dwellings and in public voids.

Preston Housing, Stirling and Gowan, 1957-61