EDU_07 Des-Ino

A museum of Italian Industrial design that extends the Pavillon de l'Esprit Nouveau.
Fall 2023

EDU_06 Pessac V_01+n
An addition in a development in France by Le Corbusier.
Fall 2023

EDU_04 Weaving/Woven
A research and manufacturing facility on an old concrete plant.
Winter 2023-Spring 2023

EDU_03 Machine in the Garden
A productive park in Los Angeles working on aesthetics through the diagram.
Fall 2022

EDU_02 Co-/Row-Housing
A through-lot housing corridor with multiplied planes of circulation and void.
Spring 2022

EDU_01 Ballona Arboretum
An arboretum in a wetland as artificial nature.
Winter 2022

MISC_01 Legacy Ranch
A proposal for the redevelopment of a monumental blimp hangar.
Fall 2023  

PR0F_03 Echo Park Co-Living

A new mode of living in Los Angeles with shared resources and community connections.
Summer 2022

PR0F_02 Garden House

A house organized around seasonal shifts of the garden.
Summer 2022

PR0F_01 Mainspring Energy
A new category of power generation for distributed primary power.
Summer 2015-Fall 2021